TotalMD Texting Means

Fewer Missed Appointments!

Patients tend to forget their appointments from time to time. Not a huge newsflash for most practices, right? And what do practices do to remind patients of their appointments?

They (1) mail them postcards, (2) make outbound phone calls, (3) send them emails, (4) hand them reminder cards when they come into the office, and (5) even print their next appointment at the bottom of their walkout statements.

But the simple fact remains, in spite of a practice’s best efforts, patients still forget their appointments. 

What else is there to do?  TotalMD offices can now text patients their appointment reminders! 

Any office that has ever used text messaging to remind patients of their appointments knows just how effective this tool is. Patients even know how effective it is.

How do you ignore a text messages that appears on your cell phone? The fact of the matter is, you can’t.

When it comes to reminding a patient of their appointment, nothing works quite like a text message.

Now TotalMD offers integrated patient text messaging that is low-priced and extremely easy to use.

With TotalMD’s Text Messenger, practices can automatically text appointment reminders, birthday greetings, and even actively send text back and forth with their patients.


This is how it works: 

After initially setting up “standard” text messages, TotalMD will send text messages prompting patients to respond with a “Yes” to confirm their appointments.

This in turn will automatically update their appointment to the status of confirmed.

Additionally, birthday texts are automatically sent to patients on their big day.

TotalMD has made texting simple to setup and oh’ so easy to use.

Are you ready for pricing? 

The pricing for texting is $49/location/month, for up to 1,000 texts per month, with a one-time setup fee of $199.

If a practice goes beyond the monthly allotment of 1,000 texts, there is a charge of $0.05/text.

And check out this limited time offer: Sign up before Dec 31, 2018 and get 90 days of FREE texting with no set-up fee!