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Easy to use, Certified and Integrated EHR Streamlines a Busy Practice

TotalMD V18 EHR gives you full ownership of your COMPLETE Electronic Health Record (EHR) for Medical, Chiropractic, Mental Health and more, with Medical Billing & Practice Management Software
ONC-ATCB Certified to Attest for Meaningful Use - CHPL Product Number: 130062R00

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Welcome to TotalMD V18 EHR

Better care for your patients, convenience, Meaningful Use, stimulus funding...whatever your reason, TotalMD V18 EHR is the solution, customized to fit your practice. TotalMD V18 EHR has received ONC-ATCB certification to ensure your ability to attest for Meaningful Use. Important for your staff, are their reliability, expandability and ease of use. Most important for your patients, are the security features of each system. Independence from the "Cloud" gives you confidence that you will have your records when you need them, under your roof. Read "No Silver Lining In The Cloud" for more information.

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TotalMD EHR offers functionality found in systems costing tens of thousands more. This system has been designed to help you deliver better care for your patients with a simple, easy to use interface giving you control of your patient charts, data and your economic future. This patient-centered system will help you govern and run your practice in a professional and easy to use way.

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Why should you use TotalMD V18 EHR? It’s the best value on the market! See for yourself.

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