Katherine from Dr. Robert Rath’s office
Cynthia from White Mountain Psychiatric Services 
Victoria from Pro Claim Services 
Janice from QuickStart Medical Billing

"Wish I would've switched sooner! Being a long-time user of Medisoft and a professional medical biller for multiple specialties, I was nervous to make the switch. But I needed to be ready for ICD-10 and price was a factor. TotalMD's built-in utility, converted all my files seamlessly and quickly, so I had zero down-time. The powerful features help me get my work done a lot quicker. I highly recommend TotalMD!"
- Scott Bowling - Physicians Billing Services - OK

For more than 13 years I’ve relied on Ability Clinical Technologies for supporting my Medisoft program, repairing client data files for me and so much more.  Needless to say, in this world of fly-by-night software companies, all trying to capitalize on the federal HIPAA mandates, I knew I could trust Scott when it came to medical billing software. So when Scott recommended I switch to TotalMD over two years ago, I trusted his advice.  Within days I was set up for all my practices and running on TotalMD. It is everything Scott said it would be and more. It is intuitive and easy to use. Yes, there was a learning curve, but it wasn’t nearly as steep as I had expected. And there are lots of features that make TotalMD easier and smoother to work with that what I was used to. I especially love how easy it is go back and forth between payment distribution and patient ledgers. I also love how claims can be displayed and modified individually. The fact that in the years I have had TotalMD, I have only called for support twice, which speaks for its ease of use. I hope to be using TotalMD for years to come and I know I can count on Ability Clinical Technologies and Scott to keep my business technologies running efficiently and effectively. Thanks, Scott!
- Tamsey Audet - Med Pro Medical Billing - Melbourne, FL

Total MD has saved me precious time. Its features such as the Remittance Files and Encoder Pro made my life easier. Now I can concentrate in important tasks.
The network version was easy to set up and technical support is great and hassle free.

“It’s so nice to be able to use accolades instead of expletives for a change, when describing a support company!  Ability Clinical is our “light” in the technical tunnel.  Thanks so much for being there for us every time!”  
Sandy-Medical Billing - Orlando, FL

“When our server crashed, we had no recent backup.  Ability technicians were able to recover our lost data when others failed.  They virtually saved our staff from having to re-enter several MONTHS worth of data!  We can’t thank you enough.” 
Miguel – Adv 3-D Diagnostics – Orlando, FL

“Ability Clinical Technologies got me exactly what I needed for my computer software needs in the most efficient and professional manner. Great service, excellent prices... I strongly recommend this company to anyone needing any computer tech services.”
Jeanette – Salt Lake Billing Services – Salt Lake City, UT

“Submitting electronic claims always seems to have nightmares associated with it.  Thank you, Scott, for setting it up for us.  We’re finally getting paid on time!  It’s nice to have a local company to depend on.”
Barbara - Internal Medicine – Orlando, FL 

"We appreciate the good communication in regards to the shipment. Dealing with companies over the internet can be a little unnerving at time, but you made this a smooth transition."
Michelle - Mircea I. Catana, MD

"We had our doubts at first.  How could a $3,000 software package possibly accomplish what our previous $70,000 software did?  Goodbye Medical Manager.  Hello savings!  Thank you, ACT.”  
Arthur,  MD – Internal Medicine Las Vegas, NV

“The personnel at ACT are the epitome of professionalism and efficiency when it comes to Training.  Thank you Scott for helping me to learn my software in ZERO time!” 
Roxanne – Billing Service Elk River, MN

“He’s The Man for Medisoft. Look no further; he gets it done. Thanks!”
Santilli, MD – Erie, CO

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