Medical Software Assurance Causes Unnecessary Expense

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Medical Software Assurance Causes Unnecessary Expense

Ability Clinical Technologies Data Doctor

Are you RENTING your software? You may have noticed that many software companies are switching to annual subscriptions or "software assurance" (ex: Medisoft's or Lytec's Agreement") hidden in their End User License Agreement (EULA), which require you to pay high annual fees to keep your software running. The same practice is also known as SaaS (Software as a Service). Lytec for example, charges $149 per month, per user for theirs. AltaPoint's rental prices begin at $79 per month per user. In Data Doctor's book, that sounds like "rental" to me!  Unfortunately, this was one of the main factors causing Ability Clinical Technologies to seek the most affordable, highly efficient software for our clients. We were thrilled to become partners with TotalMD! We continue to sell the Medisoft program, primarily because we have a lot of clients using this software. The GREAT news, is that when they are ready to upgrade, TotalMD will completely convert their data into a system that the client owns, not rents.

Why have software companies started this rental practice for medical offices?  It's quite simple. How often do you REALLY have to update your medical software? When the National Provider Indicator (NPI) was established a few years back, it was the first time in many years that medical practices were required to upgrade their software to accommodate the new CMS 1500 08/05 form. The CMS form had not been modified since December of 1990!  The most recent changes have had to do with ANSI 5010 changes and the ICD-10 codes. But after that, you may not NEED to upgrade your software for another TEN YEARS!

Software companies LOVED the surge of sales and did not want it to stop. order to guarantee the income that upgrade sales generate, medical software companies are following the lead of anti-virus manufacturers.  By promoting this new trend as "software assurance", they lock you in to annual renewal fees. What if funds are tight one year and you can't afford the upgrade (rental fee)?  Then watch your software STOP, locking you out of your patients' data!

"But what can I do?" you ask.  Consider purchasing software solutions that do NOT require annual subscriptions.  Seriously READ the EULA agreements  BEFORE you  install any software. If you already are using a medical billing program, such as Medisoft, Lytec and AltaPoint that now have subscription agreements in place, seek alternate programs that will allow you to import/convert your data.  By doing so, you will greatly reduce the downtime required to re-enter all your data.  Data conversion companies typically charge from $800 to $5000 to convert your data.  However, our flagship product, TotalMD has data conversion utilities built in.  You can be up in running in a matter of hours (depending on how much data you have to convert). TotalMD does NOT require subscription "rental" fees for their software.

One-time costs means you OWN your software. Never pay RENTAL fees again!

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