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TotalMD, TotalCharts, AltaPoint & Medisoft Updates/Upgrades Service Pack Downloads
Here you'll find the latest upgrades, updates, service packs, demo files and more for your practice management, billing and EHR software

As a convenience to our clients, we will provide the most recent revision here of the programs we support. Since we are not able to test every part of a new version the manufacturer makes, any support required for correcting any problems you might incur, must be billed separately.

As always, make sure to make a backup of your data files BEFORE installing any update/revision.

Multi-user (Network) versions: The version must be installed on EVERY computer before using the program.  
Ensure all users have exited the system before attempting any backups and/or updates.
SAVE the program to your desktop or a location where it can easily be found on your computer.
NOTE: If you attempt to RUN the program from the link before saving it, it will most likely crash.
When you run the installation, choose the option which applies to the program you purchased.


Medisoft and AltaPoint

Programs You Have Purchased
Without A Serial Number and
Activation Key You Will Damage
Your Data Files

TotalMD Demo
TotalMD 2013 SP1 Single User

TotalMD 2013 SP1 Client Server
TotalMD DBISam Data Server

TotalMD 2011 Single User SP2
TotalMD 2011 Client Server SP2

Call 407.844.0859 or email for
Free Downloads of
Medisoft Versions

All Version from DOS 4.33 to
the Latest Version 19 NEW

Medisoft V19 - Slow Report Fix Instructions

We also have the downloads for
AltaPoint Versions:
V10, V9, V8 & V6

Veterinary Ver 5.0

Utilities Advantage Database Server

Adobe Reader Logo

ADS Version 11.x (32-Bit)
ADS Version 11.x (64-Bit)

If you need Versions 7, 8.1, 9 or 10,
Call 407.844.0859 or Email Us

Advantage Architect
(Tech Use Only)

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