Most Powerful Version Ever - DentiMax 18 - Dental Charting & Practice Management Software

DentiMax provides an all-in-one solution for your professional dental practice. Combining a robust patient scheduling program and a feature-rich practice management system, DentiMax streamlines the way you practice medicine. Automatic posting of your Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) is yet another time-saving advantage this program employs to ensure accurate financial management.

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Clinical Charting - A Program That Works Like YOU Do!

While many programs allow you to record dental charting information for dental records and referencing purposes, DentiMax is unique in its ability to completely integrate clinical charting with the patient ledger and scheduler as well as other areas of the program. By so doing, DentiMax’s clinical charting can replace paper charting forms, allowing you to capture the dental billing information directly from the source—chairside in the dentist’s operatory. Additionally, DentiMax’s charting interface is very flexible and customizable, allowing you and your staff to easily tailor the charting screen to fit your unique preferences and needs.
DentiMax Sensors

High Definition Digital Imaging with Award-Winning Dream Sensors

Add Low-Cost Ownership of Instantaneous Highest Definition Digital Imaging and you have a COMPLETE Practice Management System. DentiMax Dream Sensors reduce radiation up to 90% and save you more than $20,000 every year, just in film costs.Learn More

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RULING THE AWARDS - DentiMax In The News

Dental Practices everywhere LOVE DentiMax. HIGHEST RATINGS/REVIEWS We'll leave the bragging to the news: Learn More
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Ability Best Claims (powered by Practice Insight) gives you fast and accurate Electronic Claims, Insurance Eligibility Validation, Electronic Remittance Advice (Automatic payment), Electronic Statements and a wide variety of options to get you paid FAST! If you already have a clearinghouse you work with, DentiMax's flexibility allows you to use any clearinghouse you prefer.
DentiMax Options


DentiMax already comes fully loaded. However, there are a few more options that can make office life even easier. Advanced Scheduling, Document Center, Credit Card Processing and More! Click here.

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