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Moving up from Medisoft or AltaPoint to TotalMD Data Conversions

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What Does Data Conversion Mean?

It means the transferring of information from one data format/style to another.  For instance, if you are running Medisoft and choose to move up to TotalMD, you may wish to transfer all of your patient records into TotalMD, rather than re-enter all information.  In this case, TotalMD's AUTOMATIC data conversion will handle this task for you.

When converting from other software packages, the processes can be quite complicated, requiring multiple operations. Therefore, manual conversion fees cannot be refunded. Procedures performed might include:

  • Analyze the type of data file the client is using (dBase, Access, ASCII, Advantage, Excel, etc)
  • Map the data fields to match the fields in Medisoft (FirstName = FName, PatientID = Chart_number, SocSec = SSN, etc)
  • Import the data from the multiple sets of client's data into Medisoft Data sets
  • Ensure that all transactions, payments, insurance carrier information, etc link accurately so that patient balances still match
  • Repair any damaged data (corruption) Test all data files within Medisoft for operability and ACCURACY!

Sometimes an automated program can pull the data right into Medisoft.  Most of the time, it's a lengthy process, but if the client has thousands of patients data, it's MUCH more inexpensive to convert data rather than to manually re-enter tons of data.  Costs can run anywhere from $1600 to $5000 per practice and usually takes a week to process and test. 

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