The $100,000 Backhoe - EHR Features You May Not Need

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The $100,000 Backhoe


EHR Catastrophe Avoidance Series - Part 8

Part 8 – “Planting a few begonias? Have WE got a Backhoe for You!” – Careful planning the needs of your Electronic Health Record (EHR) system with your staff can save you a fortune!

By now you have read our previous seven eye-opening articles about “thinning the herd” of EHR choices.  Now that you’ve considered certification requirements, security threats, hidden fees and more, it’s time to sit down with your staff and find a solution that best fits YOUR needs (and not the pocket of the salesman).

FEATURES? You wouldn’t buy a $100,000 backhoe when a solid shovel is all you need to plant your begonias, right? Unfortunately, most vendors have shiny new backhoes to sell you, filled with features for which most practices have absolutely no need.  It’s time to be as brutally honest as you can about what features YOUR practice needs.  This will save you not only money, but implementation time, training and ongoing support.

Will you be communicating with pharmacies, hospitals or laboratories? Do you need to keep inventory of DME or other supplies? Would you prefer the convenience of voice-recognition software or importing transcribed reports? Can you view today’s appointments on your smart phone? Does this system have flexibility to grow as your needs or staff increase? Can you connect with third-party applications for accepting credit cards, importing from EKG machines, CT Scanners, digital cameras? Can you use your existing hardware (servers, laptops, printers, etc)? Windows or Apple system? Wow! Just a few more things to consider...

Also important, may be to consider WHAT criteria the EMR/EHR software company felt was important to test in their system.  In order to attain certification from an ONC-ATCB (Office of National Certification – Authorized Testing and Certification Body) software must pass testing on 33 primary criteria and a choice of at least nine measures out of forty four.  This doesn’t mean that the software won’t accomplish the remaining 35 measures (it costs a company $2000 to test each measure). It merely means that the remaining measures weren’t analyzed at this time.   However, if the items that YOUR “Meaningful use” will be tested against have already been certified, then you have found a perfect match!

Need help narrowing the field?  Let’s talk!   Coming up next… Part 9 – “Take it for a spin!”

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