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Time Constraints Implementation EHR Software

This is the fourth installment of our ten part series of common sense tips to assist you in making your Electronic Medical/Health Records (EMR/EHR) purchase.  The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) is scheduled to begin reimbursements as early as May, 2011.  The following tips will help you avoid costly delays

Part 4 - "You Want it When?"

     You did your homework.  You made sure the software is reliable, it meets the needs of your staff, it has been certified for ARRA reimbursement.  And then your reseller, with a straight face, asks you “What YEAR do we want to be operational?” WHAT??? How much time can your office afford to be down?  Many systems, believe it or not, can take up to (groan) half a YEAR to implement!

     One large software provider we know of, made claims that their software would be up and running in a client’s office in less than a month. FOUR months later, they STILL were not operational, costing the client thousands of dollars and lost personnel hours.  The client eventually had to cancel the contract and start over! Can your office afford that kind of error/terror?

     Implementation and training dates should be calculated as soon as possible.  Every practice has different needs.  Are you planning on scanning all of your patients’ files for access from your EMR program or will your staff input your information manually?  Will you need to setup complex templates?  Do you have the right hardware (servers, workstations, tablet PCs, iPads, storage devices, printers, etc).  If not, when will the hardware be delivered and configured? 

     Will your own IT person be setting up your system or will the Value Added Reseller (VAR) be configuring everything?  Is the software complicated to use?  If so, will all of your staff be available the same week?  Yes, some systems are quite complicated, requiring a week or more of training!  Keep in mind that the more complicated the system is from the beginning, the more support you will require on an ongoing basis.

     Don’t panic! Believe it or not, there actually are fully loaded EMR software packages that can be up and running the same day of purchase! The complex choices you need to make can be simplified when working with a reputable consultant. Let’s talk!  Part V - Click Here

EMR Catastrophe Avoidance - 10 Part Series - All Articles by Author Max Shylahr


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