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Established Electronic Health Record EHR Companies

This is the third installment of our ten part series of common sense tips to assist you in making your Electronic Medical/Health Records (EMR/EHR) purchase.  The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) is scheduled to begin reimbursements as early as May, 2011.  The following tips will help you in your selection of a stable software company.

Part 3 - "Flying Colors or Fly-By-Night?"

     From our previous two installments, hopefully you have been able to reduce a large number of potential EMR programs from your list.  However, that list may still be considerably long, when you consider that more than four hundred NEW companies have emerged this past year.  For the most part, the ink hasn’t had a chance to dry on their business cards!  Are they Fly-by-Night operations?  Or will they meet your needs with flying colors?

     Even though many of these new programs may have what it takes to pass certification tests, how will they fare the test of time?  With the expected success rate of any new business in this troubled economy, make sure your investment is with a solid, established company.  Another thing to consider might be if the company has changed ownership a number of times over the years.  With the arrival of new owners, sometimes many experienced support team members are dismissed.  That would explain why some companies don’t offer support for programs that are more than two versions old!

     Perhaps the most important choice you will make in this decision process will be that of your Value Added Reseller (VAR).  This is the company through which you will purchase your software.   They should also provide numerous solutions to handle a variety of your needs, such as appointment reminder services, electronic claim clearinghouses, patient check in kiosks and more. 

     Remember, you are not just selecting a piece of software…you are building a relationship.  So don’t be afraid to make some phone calls.   How you are treated from the beginning will be an important indicator as to what to expect in the future.  Were you treated with respect?  Did the reseller take time to answer your questions?  Do they return phone calls in a timely manner?  Find out now!  Should your system go down in the middle of a busy day, you must have peace of mind that your VAR is part of your team.

     Coming up next, “Part 4 – You Want it When?”  You will be amazed at how long some companies will take to get you up and running!  Let’s talk.  

EMR Catastrophe Avoidance - 10 Part Series - All Articles by Author Max Shylahr


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