Finalizing EMR EHR Purchase

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Finalizing EMR EHR Purchase


EHR Catastrophe Avoidance Series - Part 10 - "Wrap it up!"

"Wrap it up!"  Hey, if the program is certified, protects your patients data, easy enough to learn on your own AND it meets the needs of your practice now and in the future, then you will have found that Holy Grail of programs that your office can employ almost immediately. This could save you MONTHS of setup, configuration and training time! Congratulations!

Prepping for the big day! The type of practice you have will determine how much homework you will need to do before you implement your new EHR system. This may involve weeks of scanning files, x-rays, photos and more. If you have a great relationship with your solutions provider, they are already working on ways to expedite this project, possibly using a local company that provides on-site scanning services and more.

It’s your turn to take out the garbage! – “Garbage in… garbage out” is the well-know saying related to data entry.  The same applies especially where your new EHR system is concerned.  If you are currently using Practice Management (PM) software for scheduling and billing your patients, you will need to take some time to seriously review EVERY patient record.  Look for posting errors, name changes, insurance policy numbers and more, especially if you are going to integrate your program with a new program.  If you spend a few bucks now to have your IT person review your data for any corruption, it will be money wisely spent.

“But this ole computer has been a die-hard for the past ten years!”  I know… I get sentimental too.  It’s hard to put to pasture a computer that you bought when you started your practice.  However, if you’re going to saddle up a turbo-charged, flame-breathing, sophisticated, hard-drive-hungry cowboy, you’re going to need a true work-horse.  This doesn’t mean buying the most expensive servers or workstations, but it does require some planning for future growth.  Give your IT professional a call.  Who knows? You may even get that complimentary coffee mug after all? Let’s talk!

EHR Catastrophe Avoidance - 10 Part Series - All Articles by Author Max Shylahr




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