Medisoft V19 ICD Conversion Utility

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Medisoft V19 - ICD Utility

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There is a new utility that you can use to specify which diagnosis code set each insurance carrier will use.

New Menu Option

On the Tools menu under Services, there is a new option called Set ICD Version. Click this to open the Set ICD Version utility.

Medisoft ICD Version

You can also open this screen by pressing the S key from this menu.

New Utility

The Set ICD Version utility will show all existing insurance carriers and the current default diagnosis code set for each one. Select which carriers you want to change to ICD-10.

When you are ready, click the Update Selected button to update your settings. You can run this utility as many times as you want.

Medisoft 19 Update Utility

Field/Button/Check Box Description
Code Set Select this check box if you want to make changes for the Code Set for the selected carriers
Update the default code set for claims to Select which code set you want to use to update the selected carriers.
ICD 10 Effective DateUse the Icd-9 code set for claims with a date of service prior to: Select this check box if you want to make changes to the ICD-10 Effective Date for the selected carriers. Enter the effective date you want to use for the selected carriers. This date marks the day on which this carrier will stop using ICD-9 codes on claims.When the code set is ICD-10, claims with a date of service prior to this date will continue to use ICD-9 codes.These fields will be disabled if the value in the Update the default code set for claims to field is set to ICD-9. If there was a date in the field, it will be cleared and the field will be disabled.
Code This field shows the Insurance Carrier Code.
Name This field shows the Insurance Carrier Name.
Type This field shows the type for the insurance carrier.
Code Set This field shows the current default Diagnosis Code Set for the carrier.
ICD 10 Effective Date This field shows the date that ICD-10 codes will be used for the carrier.This field will be cleared and disabled if you change the code set for the carrier to ICD-9.
Select/De-select All Use this button to select or clear the check boxes for all carriers, those next to the Code field in the grid.
Update Selected Use this to run the utility after you have made your selections. Depending on your selections, all carriers with the check box selected next to their Code name will have their Code Set and/or Effective dates updated to your selections
Close Use this to close the screen without making any changes.

You cannot change the code set for an insurance carrier whose record is open for edit in the Insurance Carriers screen. You must close the record first.

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