Electronic Claim Print-Image Setup Instructions Medisoft

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Electronic Claim Print-Image Setup Instructions Medisoft


Medisoft button comes with a program called CMS11.exe which allows the user to create a "print-image" claim file that some clearinghouses, like ApexEDI and Gateway EDI are able to process.

In order to setup your Medisoft program to prepare these files, please use the following steps:

  1. Create a folder to which you will save your claim files.  Usually this folder is created in the "root" directory of your "C" drive ("C:\).  You can simply name it "C:\CLAIMS" if you like.
  2. Open your Medisoft program, then click on "Lists", then "EDI Receivers", then "NEW"
  3. On the Address tab, in the Name Field, enter the name of your clearinghouse ("GATEWAY EDI", "APEX EDI", etc)
  4. On the ID tab, in the field labeled "Program File" enter CMS11.EXE (this is the program that generates the text file)
  5. Save your changes
  6. Click on "Lists", then "Insurance Carriers"
  7. Edit each Insurance Carrier by clicking on the "Options and Codes" tab.  For the Default Billing Method 1, click on "ELECTRONIC" and on the EDI/Eligibility Tab, select the clearinghouse you entered in step 3
  8. Save your changes
  9. After you enter some charges (transaction entry), open your Claims Management screen and create your claims.
  10. When you Print/Send your claims, select "ELECTRONIC" and then select the clearinghouse you entered in step 3.
  11. The CMS11 program will start that will create the TEXT file you need. When it asks you where to save your file, browse for your C:\CLAIMS folder that you created in step 1.
  12. Contact your clearinghouse and they will guide you in uploading your claim file from your C:\CLAIMS folder.
  13. That's it!  Enjoy the convenience of electronic claim submitting.

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