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You have been entrusted by doctors to not only ensure their bills are processed efficiently and accurately, but you are equally responsible for the protection of patient information. TotalMD is the finest, HIPAA approved, cost-effective medical billing software solution to meet every budget.  By avoiding the "cloud", you are assuring your business instant access to patient information, regardless of disruption of Internet access. You are also protecting patients' information by keeping it out of the hands of faceless cloud corporations. Who knows from one day to the next, when a cloud-based company might change their rates or worse yet, sell out to owners in another country? What may seem safe today, may totally be at risk tomorrow.

We also offer electronic claims (e-Claims), e-Statements, Payment Collection systems and more. As a Value Added Reseller (VAR) of ApexEDI and Availity Clearinghouses, we will ensure your claims are paid as quickly as possible.  By offering add-on features as Encoder Pro and more, we will ensure your provider is paid at the highest reimbursement rate possible.

You need a one-stop source for your software, hardware and support needs.  Ability Clinical Technologies looks forward to being that solution for you!

For any solution not listed here, give us a call at 407.844.0859 and we'll be glad to help. 

Tota MD has saved me precious time. Its features such as the Remittance Files and Encoder Pro made my life easier.
Now I can concentrate in important tasks.
The network version was easy to set up and technical support is great and hassle free.

Cristiane Caleffi, CMBP



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